Uwira Oy acted as the Main Project Contractor for Westenergy’s Summer Cooler Unit

Uwira Oy that is a company specialized in welded products, was in charge of constructing the Summer Cooler unit. The Swiss Hitachi Zosen Inova AG operated as the main contractor. This waste-to-energy plant will transform non-recyclable waste into energy. Uwira was in charge in this industrial project of the construction of the Summer Cooler unit as the main project contractor.

Uwira is specialized in customer solutions and can provide large entities. Uwira’s experience and know-how ensured a high-quality end result in this project. Uwira was responsible for the total project management of the Summer Cooler –unit. This included total system installation, manufacturing of prefabricated products and compatibility checks of machines and equipment. Uwira delivered to the unit prefabricated entities, such as bended piping, pressure vessels, and steel structures.

MG 6228

Uwira’s planning and engineering expertise ensured the success of the most demanding solutions. Also, the quality of prefabricated products and welding expertise made an extensive contribution to the project. This demanding project that required extensive networks and high technology proved Uwira’s delivery reliability and flexibility. Uwira is investing strongly in customer-oriented service, and this project proved it by the demanding combination and installation of wide range of machinery, equipment and components at customer´s request.

- Especially, the installation of the roof blinds required extensive technical knowledge and innovation, says project manager Paavo Saunamäki.

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