Bit Viking

Tanker BIT VIKING's fuel modification required Uwira Company’s world-class piping, installation and welding expertise

The company Uwira Oy operated in the Bit Viking tanker project, where a diesel-powered tanker was converted to work with liquefied natural gas (LNG). The result was an economic and environmentally friendly vessel. Wärtsilä's new LNGPac system, which comprises a power supply of natural gas as well as safe and suitable storage on board, reduces ship emissions and thus justifies lower nitrogen oxide emission tax bringing savings to the shipyard. Bit Viking is owned by a Swedish Tarbit Shipping AB, which transports bitumen, petrochemicals and other chemicals along the Norwegian coast. Tarbit Shipping Ab entered into an agreement with Wärtsilä of the engine conversion project. Uwira’s special expertise in welding and installation rose to a vital role in this project.

In this technologically demanding marine project Uwira delivered customized bended pipes, and was responsible for the installation, insulation and welding of them to the vessel. The extreme circumstances of the engine and gas pipelines call for utmost durability and quality. Therefore, high-quality prefabricated products and fully welded seams were necessary. Uwira installed and welded pipes, which were tested with a 100% RT (X-ray) examination. The tight schedule of the project put pressure for completion, but Uwira’s delivery reliability and project management ensured the completion on time. Uwira’s flexibility assured the ease of cooperation and the quality of contracting. In the demanding marine project the engine piping modifications were possible to execute with the high competence and skills of Uwira.

Pipe bending, Prefabricated pipes    

A unique change of fuel and piping was finalized and the ship was delivered to the customer in October 2011. This is the first ship installation in the world with Wärtsilä’s LNG system. This installation is also the first 50DF dual fuel system in a vessel, which enables the use of diesel fuel, if necessary. Bit Viking with the LNG system is one of the most environmentally friendly vessels in the world.

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