The objectives of Uwira are to ensure quality of products and processes. Continuous improvement and development are part of the company's basic operations. We operate in a demanding market where quality standards, quality management and complete documentation are of high value.

Goals for our operations:

Safety - strong commitment to QHSE

Traceability - Complete documentation

Zero defects - Countinouos improvement (QHSE)

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We commit to quality development. We concentrate on three core goals:

Customer satisfaction

Quality standard to be followed is to be defined by the customer in writing. Should this not exist, it will be created in collaboration with the customer. Our aim is continuos improvement in technical- and operational quality. This can be ensured by close collaboration together with our suppliers and customers

Continuous improvement

Improving the methods required for producing quality is ensured by training. This is the base for continuos improvement in quality. We use the PDCA model in ensuring continouos improvement. Annual quality audits are essential milestones as far as improvement in quality is concerned

Assemble in one session

Our principle is to complete the job in one session. This is the way we ensure competitive, high quality products and prompt service. Every individual is responsible for the quality of their work and corrects seen mistakes and quality deviations.

Our operations are certified: ISO-9001 quality management system and ISO 3834-2.

ISO 9001 ISO 3834 2 COL EN ID 2

Environment and safety

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In all our activities we take our responsibility for the environment. Environmental impacts are taken into account as part of the company's business development. We regularly monitor the implementation of our objectives and we set new goals and objectives when needed.

Uwira commits to develop and maintain employee safety according to Uwira's safety policy. Uwira is aware of its responsibility to customers´, employees´, partners´, visitors´, and contractors´ safety. Uwira works on promoting customers´ well-being, and security.

Our operations are certified with ISO-14001 environmental management sertificate and OHSAS-18001 safety certificate.

Our Quality and environmental policies are public. We provide these documents upon request. Please inquire documents from: rauno.honkamaki@leinolat.com

ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 COL ID 2

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