Uwira Oy

Uwira is specialized in welded products and components. We operate in demanding industries and we are specialized in manufacturing pipes, and other metal products, as well as project management. We are specilized in pipe bending. We manufacture prefabricated pipes, double walled pipes, and pressure vessels.

Welded products require great expertise and strictly controlled processes. Our customers can depend on the safety and quality of our products.

Pipe bending, Prefabricated pipes    

Our employees' professional expertise is an important part of our production process that results in high quality products. We offer customized products according to customer specifications. Other products are metal components, prefabrications, and designing.

Kilkanen (Uwira´s subsidiary) is specialized in machining and flywheels. Uwira and Kilkanen cooperate in producing large customized subassemblies.

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Bit Viking - Reference

Tanker BIT VIKING's fuel modification required Uwira Company’s world-class piping, installation and welding expertise. The company Uwira Oy operated in the Bit Viking tanker project, where a diesel-powered tanker was converted to work with liquefied natural gas (LNG). The result was an economic and environmentally friendly vessel. Wärtsilä's new LNGPac system, which comprises...

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